Can you name a farm in your area that grows organic produce?  Do you know where your fruit comes from? How much pesticide was used to grow it? Are you keen to switch to healthier foods, but can't afford it?

Welcome to LocalOrganics.net. We help you find affordable and healthy food.  On this site you can find a list of farms, organisations, and businesses who use and promote organic farming and production methods near you. We like to support local farmers who look after their land.  You can support them by buying from them directly.  This gives the producer a better price and you end up with healthier, more affordable, locally grown, fresh produce.  The changes we make to the way we consume, with their economic ripple effects, sow the seeds for a healthier planet and stronger communities.

Enter your location below and we will give you a list of suppliers near you.  Many visitors to our website also participate by adding their own favourite organic farm, cafe or retailer.

Still unconvinced?  Please view some of the great movies that inspired us.

This site still needs a lot of work. Please help us to make it better for all of us.

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